Son Gual Golf

Performance Academy

Our Mission

It is our mission to give our clients all-round support throughout the year, within the changing golfing seasons. This means in the autumn and winter months you would possibly put your focus more on improving technique, optimizing equipment, fitness and nutrition, which would be an ongoing component throughout the year. As you approach the spring and summer months your focus would shift more to result-orientated training and mental strengths. So, our main mission is to offer you, throughout the year, support in all aspects of the game, to help you find consistency and offer more than just a “golf lesson”, instead, helping individuals reach their personal goals.

Overall Approach

The modern golfer has transformed into a more all-round performer, who needs skilled knowledge and a team of experts. The focus will no longer just be on hitting a ball, but rather in all facets of the game, including:

  • Technique Training
  • Equipment
  • Mental
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

Every player will, of course, have a different skill level and different goals, no matter which level you are starting at. Whether beginner or professional, your natural instincts are to improve to a level where you feel comfortable or you have reached your set goals. The higher you wish to go, the more components you will need to reach the new level.

Just ask Tiger …

“It is not about the outcome; it is about the journey” – Tiger Woods.

Whichever level you’re at, we are here to help you on your ‘journey’.


Tim Holroyd – Head Professional

Logicalgolf Master Instructor

Tim Holroyd is for many years a leading coach with an outstanding reputation for improving players.

Tim has coached thousands of Amateur golfers, and many top professionals. Tim teamed up with one of golf´s leading coaches Robert baker in 1998 – Robert has coached 5 world number 1 players, from Ernie Els, Nick faldo, Greg Norman, the late Seve Ballesteros and Nick Price. Tim had the pleasure first hand in learning from studying and travelling with Robert around these great players and other leading sports personalities.

“Through using the Logical Golf tools, we have been able to bridge the gap between “Words and Feelings”, therefore the student can for the first time feel the correct movements and quickly transfer them into a playing concept”.

Tim Holroyd

Mike Rapado

Clubfitting / Equipment – Handmade Clubs

Mike Rapado  is a leading clubmaker and fitter in Spain and is rated in the Top 10 Clubmakers in the world.

Mike has an exceptional network and has advisory contracts with some of the leading golf manufactures selling there equipment in Spain. Mike can also be seen regulary seen on live shows and interviews offering useful information about the importance of your equipment in reaching your goals.

Mike enjoys the trust and friendship of many top professional and national amateur players in Spain, as also in other professional sports and manages the equipment of one of mallorca´s most respected and liked residents and personalities no other than Rafa Nadal.

We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and process your reservations.

Our golf professional Tim Holroyd (Head Professional) is already looking forward to welcoming you to Son Gual in the near future.

Here we analyze your actual status, comparing your movements to some of your favorite players, From here we set out a plan, which helps you understand the initial path we will take. It is very often the case that a very high percentage of students have many positive aspects in there general movements, so we are not here to criticize more so to identify, what is needed to reach an improved level.

Here we study the pupils equipment and specifications, we use Trackmann, Flightscope and Sam Putt Lab to help us collect accurate data, we also use in this room the help of Technogym equipment with the kinesis gym machine using our golf specific logical golf training tools to help the student feel the correct movements needed to optimize his performance.

Here we can transfer the information gathered from the data and video analysation, into a feel using our kinesis corner from Logical Golf and diverse training equipment, to help you create a clearer picture of what is needed to make your improvements.

This area is reserved specially for our members and there guests; here you can enjoy practice and a relaxing time between practice sessions.

Reserved for Members and our Guests to practice in relaxing atmosphere to help you enjoy your practice time with excellent grass conditions year round.

Logicalgolf – Train Like the Professionals

…and the stars, such as Wladimir Klitschko, Hugh Grant, Michael Douglas and many more.

Pro coach Robert Baker developed the logicalgolf training method on the basis of his many years of experience with professionals like Ernie Els, Greg Norman, Nick Price and Nick Faldo. All of them use and benefit from this singular training method, and very successfully too! He attained his objective of making learning and improving one’s play more pleasant for amateurs, too, with this holistic approach to training. Logicalgolf impresses with its simple and comprehensible training aids and thus combines the technical, physical and mental demands of playing golf. In this way we can analyse, improve and anchor the individual movements of the golf swing using teaching tools. Logicalgolf training is rounded off with video analysis and an individual training plan.

Logicalgolf academies at Son Gual

Train at our sites with exclusive, skilled Logicalgolf professional. Enjoy one of our modern gym solutions Performance Center at Son Gual. At Son Gual you can train using logicalgolf teaching tools and the exclusive Technogym kinesis wall. With unique training aids, our Performance Center enable us to support classical golf training and make it more diversified. You can learn how to make the right golf movement through conscious exaggeration.

Logicalgolf courses

Participants 1-2 Pers.

2 hrs – Intensive training to help students with Long or Short game problems


  • Use of the Son Gual Performance Area
  • Free Range Balls and drinks
  • Personal Summary of the Training Session


  • 1 Pers. 240€
  • 2 Pers. 120€
1 day – Intensive Full days training Session including 9 Holes with Tim. (Approx. 5hrs training)


  • Use of the Son Gual Performance Area
  • Free Range Balls and drinks
  • 9 holes with Special Greenfee rate from the Academy
  • Personal Summary of the Training Session


  • 1 Pers. 600€
  • 2 Pers. 300€